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Junior Writers Club

"A club for 8 to 12 year old children who love to write and think creatively". 
Ian McIntosh Junior Writers Club

The purpose of Junior Writers Club (JWC) is to encourage, motivate and inspire the next generation of creative writers and authors through.
1)         Giving them an opportunity to write.
2)         Helping to develop their skills as creative writers and creative thinkers.  

Check out these recent interviews with ABC radio about how kids benefit from writing stories and working with Ian.  


Beat Boredom and Unleash Creativity this summer...

Sign up to the Summer Writing Club for kids. 

35 creative writing challenge over summer.

Check our for how to join.  

Online Creative Writing Master Class

Junior Writers Club  "Online Creative Writing Master Class" 

How to take part
Email for more information or to register.

What to expect

Participants will
- discover the key ingredients to writing a great story.
- learn how to think and write in new and exciting ways.
- find out where ideas come from and how to turn them into engaging stories.
- develop their story writing skills.
- receive tips and advice from a real Aussie author.
- work towards the goal of writing a short story. 


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