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"Today you are YOU, that is truer than TRUE, there is NO ONE alive who is youer than YOU!" Dr Seuss
Ian McIntosh - Bickie Monster

The Little Kangaroo

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Endorsed by Focus On The Family Australia this all Aussie animal character story is about a little kangaroo who doesn’t think she can do anything however, thanks to the help of a wise old emu, she comes to discover that she was born for a purpose.

Watch Out For The Bickie Monster

SOLD OUT  A creative account of what a little boy imagines when he is led to believe that a friendly but very mischievous and always hungry bickie monster lives in his house and how he comes to discover that what he was told was not entirely true. 

Silly Socks, Sleepy Socks

SOLD OUT.  A colourful and creative story about the daily adventures of children told from the perspective of their silly, sneaky, soggy, slippery, stripy, spotty, scary, snugly, stinky, smelly, sleepy socks. 

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Ian McIntosh - Silly Socks Sleepy Socks

A Little Me

I turned about & I could see

A little person watching me

They looked on as I went my way

Observing me both night and day


What’ ere’ I did they did that too

What’ ere I said they copied true

No matter bad or good my deed

They followed close my every lead


So as I go I must take care

not to forget there’s someone there

Who one day will grow up to be

The same as I; A Little Me

©Copyright Ian McIntosh 2014

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The Little Snowball

I saw a tiny white snowball
It wasn’t very big at all
It sat there on the snowy hill
It didn’t move, it lay there still

So with a gentle little push
I nudged that tiny ball of moosh
It moved a bit, then some more
Growing slightly bigger than before

So once again I gave a nudge
To that tiny ball of snowy sludge
As it moved, to my surprise
It grew again before my eyes

Then it started rolling down the hill
As if it had its own free will
It picked up speed, it picked up snow
I watched it grow and grow and grow

The more it rolled, the more it grew
I watched it from my hilltop view
Grow bigger than a giant balloon
Then bigger than the sun and moon

It tumbled here, it tumbled there
It rolled and tumbled everywhere
It was the most amazing sight
To watch it grow in width and height

At last my snowball came to rest
Who would believe, who would have guessed
That something small and so lightweight
With a little push, could become so great

©Ian McIntosh 2018

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The Cranky Bear

Beware, beware the Cranky Bear
who lurks beneath the sheets somewhere
Into the room I carefully sneak
and dare to take a little peak


I give a gentle pat and shake
To see if Cranky Bear’s awake
I hear a rumbly, grumbly growl
It turns into a fearsome howl


Before I make my quick retreat
out spring 2 hands then kick 2 feet
there’s blankets flying through the air
Look out! Look out! The Cranky Bear


It’s really quite a fearsome sight
I dodge a pillow in full flight
I hasten from the beastly lair
I must escape the Cranky Bear


Perhaps I’ll have just one more peep
the Cranky Bear is still asleep
It’s best I leave it lying there
than face again the Cranky Bear

©Copyright Ian McIntosh 2014

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